Boost Your Mobile Phone Options

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Boost Mobile. All opinions are 100% mine.

boost MobileWe are living in a world that has become more mobile every day. The latest move in technology is to push the limits of cell phones. First, the no contract, pay on the go is very popular as it doesn't tie you to a contract. That means no penalty and charges if you need to change carriers. Second, there are more than one option for you to manage your cell phone account, Re-Boost funds, pay on-line, in-person, or pay by phone.
If you are like many parents, you are catching up with paper work and paying bills after your kids are sleeping. Parents don’t have the luxury of waiting in line to talk to someone about a payment, and that’s why it works so much better to be able to do things on the internet at your own pace.

My teenage son uses his phone for text messaging, and updating his Facebook. It is nice to know we don't have to pay extras for every single service. With the Boost Mobile plans we have the choice of unlimited everything, Nationwide Calling, Text, Web, Multi-Media Messaging, E-mail, Directory Assistance - this is big, as I used to be charged for every single 411 call, and many other options. Have a look for yourself, it is all inclusive.

The best part about Boost Mobile is that I did everything at home in my office, while blogging. I didn’t have to pack-up to go anywhere, or wait in any line. We picked out the Blackberry phone, picked the plan and pay for it with a credit card. It’s that simple. I was able to transfer his number and have the old phone working until the transfer was completed. There is no substitute for saving time and making life easier. Yet, another time saving tip for parents.


  1. You are so right, saving time truly is a priceless commodity. There is a huge difference in cell phone plans and services between one provider and another.

  2. Time is priceless and something we all can use more of. Mobile Boost is a smart way to have cell phones, no more restrictions to contracts.

  3. line of communication is too precious to be cut off especially for me who live half around the world from my family.


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