Weekend Celebration in Blues

Seeing blues? These pictures are from Trinity's Birthday celebration this weekend. Thanks to my sister PreciousSewingBox @ the Etsy Store, we have 199 photos from her diligent work. To your left is Trinity's cousin, Tyler. He is pretty much covered in all blues, from neck to toes.
Below is Trinity dressing in a Cinderella dress, she was the prettiest blue in my back yard this weekend.

This is a close-up view of a sample from the face painting activity.

The suspenseful looks are from watching a magic show.


  1. I am glad you guys have such a fun birthday celebration!

    What a beautiful princess..

  2. Children are so good looking dressed in blue.

    Happy Blue Monday.

  3. Looks like a fun celebration...what a precious little girl!

  4. wow, love that blue Cinderella dress Trinity wears, she is very pretty, your nephew Tyler looks having a lot of fun.

  5. Adorable kids!! I'm sure they all had lots of fun!!

    Susan and Bentley

  6. I can see the day was a huge success. :)

  7. Love Princess Trinity in that dress! Very pretty!

  8. kids are innocent and promising,
    they are cute here.
    what cute and beautiful faces.

  9. It definitely looked like lots of fun and now you will have loads of photos to remember the event. Ms Trinity is an absolute doll! Move over Cinderella!

  10. Your girls is beautiful. Is she white and yellow? Because I'm white and yellow....and ya know....we're just more beautiful... ;) ;)

    hahahhahaha! :D :D

    She's gorgeous!

    I'm happy for you that your little girl's birthday was a success! I know how it feels to plan a children's party.... you are SOOOO relieved when everything turns out perfect and everyone is happy! Been there, done that, nine times over!!!!!

    Thanks for dropping by ♥

  11. wow you also got a birthday celebration last weekend! really nice! :)


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