The Hot Blue Dish

We've traveled to the Detroit area. I am currently in my sister's house. We had a fondue dinner tonight prepared by one of my sisters, Kimeekoko. It was out of this world. We wrapped grilled seafood and thinly sliced beef with rice paper, lettuce and fresh veggies, and use the hot sauce below with the dipping sauce. It hit the spot nicely for a Sunday wrap up.

Unfortunately some of us have to go back to work tomorrow since it will be the start of a new week. My brother-in-law showed me his fancy tag from work. He said his company just brought in a new badge printer and made new badges for everyone in his department. It seemed as if things are always changing and we are always busy just trying to keep up. We sometimes identify with the length of time by looking at our kids and the changes in them. And the only thing that grew faster than our kids are the trees in my sister’s back yard! The last time I was here, the trees were very small or really unnoticeable, but today, it had completely blocked the usual green field view at the kitchen window.

When asked the last time I was in Detroit, I had to stop and think. With some help from everyone at the table, we determined that it has been over three and a half years since I was last at her house. I wish time would slow down and just let us do as we please for a while without worries about having to go back to work, or running certain errands. I wish we all could choose an age where we are happiest and froze at this age. No worries about our bodies, or health deteriorating. The question is would we live forever, and how would you feel about living forever?


  1. your description of the fondue sounds oh so yummy, and the hot dip am sure made it all the more tasty.

  2. How nice to spend time with family and enjoy a meal, even if a long time has passed.

    Live forever? I'm promised eternal life in Christ, so I think that's a good thing.

    Happy Blue Monday.

  3. Very nice dish. You are making me hungry too lol.

  4. I want to live longer without illness though..

    Wonderful dinner!

  5. Most any food would have tasted good on that pretty blue dish. Nice idea for blue day.

  6. My mouth is watering with the mention (and the tempting picture) of your hot sauce.
    I love all types of Asian foods, including Chinese, Indian and Japanese (apart from Thai). Your description of your meal made me very jealous. :-)

  7. it look very hot to me, but for sure it's appetizing

  8. Ohhh that reminds me, I need to try the new fondue resturant near my house! Sounds soooo yummy!

    Hope you had a great trip!

  9. Your dinner menu sounds delicious, I might have to try a version of that later this week. Yum!

    Time does seem to move so quickly. My family is all on the East coast and I'm on the West so our get together are rare.

  10. Wait til you get my age; it goes even faster, or at least seems to.

    I'm so glad you got to visit. Wish I could have seen you.

    Take care & God bless.


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