Accutane Facts and Effects

Luckily, I didn’t have acne growing up, but when I reached my late twenties it was a different story. I had acne. The subject came up during lunch with a friend who was considering Accutane. She is worried about the side effects from reading the brochure information, and was curious as to how I had made the decision to try with so many concerns there are about Accutane?

At the time I used Accutane, my knowledge was limited to a couple of the side effects, and not as aware about the drug as I should have been. It dries-you-out, literally, everywhere on your body that normally produced liquid. For example, I did not have to worry about perspiring, no anti-perspiration was needed. I was not planning on getting pregnant, and knew that I should not attempt to get pregnant even after a year or two. If I do, the baby’s health would be jeopardized in many ways.

The doctors did a great job in warning me about the two side effects above. However, I just learned from the website my friend sent me to, that there are many other damaging side effects from the use of Accutane. Was it worth it? Now that I know about the disorders Accutane could cause, such as how it lowers white blood cell count and causes inflammatory bowel disease, I would say no.


  1. From the facts you just presented I would not risk using Accutane.

  2. Fighting with your body cures NOTHING. My recommendation for acne is to work with your body to correct the root internal problem causing it. Accutane sure as hell can’t do that.

  3. I've read about Accurate and that it can cause suicidal depression. Does the fact that I have a history of depression make me more likely to suffer these types of side effects?


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