Top Commenter Contest Winner! #2

It's time for me to announce the winner of Self Sagacity's Top Commenter Contest #2. The contest ran from May 20th through June 3rd, a two-week time frame, and the comment count was within this time frame.

And the winner is...RNSANE at Carmen's Chronicle

RNSANE won with a total of 9 comments on Self Sagacity posts.

June 3rd is also a mark of Self Sagacity's six months Birthday since our live date of December 3rd, 2009. Running this contest has been the way Self Sagacity chose to celebrate the monument periods of it's existence, see the first commenter contest winner announcement from March 3rd, 2010.

Thank you Carmen for your time and participation. The runner ups were: Betchai and IcyBC tied with 7 comments. Whether you knew you were in the race for the most comment drops or not, I appreciate your visits and your sharing of those Sagacity thoughts!

It feels great to have announce the second winner of the #2 contest today!


  1. Happy blog anniversary Amanda, you really did a great job in such a short time.
    Congratulations for the winner!

    Have a great weekend!

  2. Thanks, dear Amanda, I'll email you my picture for your blog. I appreciate this!


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