Photographic Inspiration

Guest post written by Leona Colwell

Even as a fashion designer, wild blue internet service helps me out a lot. I go to a lot of fashion shows and when I am at the fashion shows it is important for me to take photographs of the details that inspire me the most. When I get inspired by the littlest things that are not even on the run way it is good for me to take pictures of those inspirations so I can make little concept boards and albums out of them.

What I do is I take photos of everything that strikes me as inspiring and then I use the wildblue satellite internet service to upload all of the photos onto Flickr. I make little photo albums out of the pictures that I take so I can look at them in an organized fashion. Once those photos have been organized into a nice concise and neat pattern I then print out the most important and special pictures that I can see and make a collage out of them so I can use that as a jumping off platform for my next creative project and idea. I love having Flickr as a place that I can store all of my old pictures and look back on them to remember the great time I had there and also as a place to draw artistic inspiration from. I was so pleased with my internet service that I got wild blue internet in AL for my parents.


  1. I really need to work on organizing my photos into a nice concise and neat pattern. WB internet sounds interesting.

  2. It's nice to have all of your pics in one spot other than the computer just in case of a crash. I use Shutterfly and it's been great.

  3. Landscapes and just about anything. There are also communities of amateur photographers such as Flicker. Last time I checked the links below were worth a visit.


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