Grilling for Father's Day

Post written by my friend Rita Joslin.

grilling kabobsThis year I am using my hughnet internet to purchase my husband a grill for Father's Day. I chose Home Depot because they have free shipping on the grills for Father's Day. I also liked the fact that they had high quality grills that will look good in our area for outdoor entertaining.

The grill I am going to order for my husband is able to cook with charcoal on one side and gas on the other. It is also one of the grills that ships for free. It was actually cheaper than I thought and is a good quality Brinkmann. I wanted my husband to have something that offered both options for cooking and had plenty of space to regularly cook for six people.

On Father's Day we plan on taking the grill to the park and having him meet us there. He will of course load the old grill into the back of his truck but we will have this one all ready for him to use. My friend is letting me ship it to her house and put it together the day before we give it to him. Then she will meet us there with it in her truck and all ready to go. He will really enjoy being able to cook how he wants and enjoy his family on Father's Day thanks to hughes internet.

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  1. Amanda, it sounds like a very nice gift...not just for your husband but the entire family. You are a sweethert.

    Now, as I have said...let's get together for lunch one of these days.

  2. @RNSANE It is a very nice thought. I use the internet a lot, even on my phone now, thanks to my SO~

  3. A very nice gift, I'll bet your husband loved it.

    What did we do before the internet, it has made life so much easier.

  4. What sweet and tender thing I can send to my crush in this Father´s day?


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