Steel Magnolias

Written by My Guest Blogger Edith Walerson

One of my all time, favorite movies was on my satellite tv the other day, which I got hooked up through one of those good directtv offers. It centers round a group of friends in Louisiana that share the highest and lowest points of their lives together, each leaning on the others. This all star cast that includes Sally Field, Shirley MacLaine, Julia Roberts, and even Dolly Parton. It's an interesting mix of actresses, each one playing their chosen role perfectly. The story revolves around Shelby (Roberts) and her marriage and eventual attempt to have children, despite the difficulties that arise with her diabetes. It is comedy and drama all mixed in to one movie, and you can't help but think of people you care about when watching.

Despite some of the dreary moments, much of the humor comes from Shirley MacLain's character, Ouiser. There are very few characters that can compare with this brash woman who speaks her mind, offends lots of people, but truly has a heart of gold. While she isn't the main character, I have to admit that her run ins with other people are hysterical. Near the end of the movie, everyone is in tears and struggling to make sense of their personal loss. Sally Field's character is angry over the situation and isn't quite sure what to do with herself. In an attempt to lighten the mood and make everyone feel better, ne of the women grabs Ouiser, pushes her to the forefront and suggests that Field hit her. This scene is just a sample of some of the great moments in Steel Magnolias.


  1. Great movie and great cast indeed! Shirley MacLain is fantastic.

  2. I love the story. I saw the play version, it was the first play I ever attended.

  3. This is on my list of favorite movies. I always, always, always cry. I just can't help myself.

    And, you are right. This movie can take you from laughing to crying in less than one minute.

  4. I loved that movie so much. Great post.


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