Flower Wishes by Window Boxes

I am going to be picking on my mom in this post, but she loves cut flowers; displaying flowers, and be surrounded by flowers much more than I do. My passion is reviving plants, but my love has to be the challenge of propagation. My mother on the other hand, can not maintain any types of flowering plants other than very resilient wild flowers.

She admires the flowers in my window boxes every time she comes by. They are big showoffs draping the bottom of my window frames like floating color spots. Seeing how she loves them, I gave her a window box full of different colors of mini roses last year, but they have all died since. It is not because she neglected them, but more because she cared for them too much. Over caring for flowers and plants can be deadly, as it has been proven in her case.

I don’t have any window plant boxes, just window flower boxes, and they make the windows look so pretty inside and out. Not sure when I can bring myself to give her another flowering window box to try again. So for now, she will just have to admire the flowers at my house as much as possible.


  1. Hi Amanda,

    I'm like your mum!

    The problem is also that I usually want ot defy the laws of nature and place indoor plants where there is no sunlight...NOT a good combo! :)

    Anywho, has your dear mum tried fabric flowers? ;)

    Happy PS and Happy Easter, my love!

  2. Hi Bird! That's an excellent idea! I will have to let her know. Fabric flowers sounds safe! Happy Easter to you too!

  3. Amanda, maybe she needs one that has to be watered daily? I've over watered too. They have these new glass balls that water them a little at a time. Dollar General has some little clay things you put in your pot that let you know when to water. They are only a few dollars.

  4. Hi Judy, I think she likes the hands on, but you are so right! It is beacause she watered too much!


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