A Flair for Blair

I received an email in my in-box today, with a link to an online catalog shop. Funny thing is as a Self Sagacity reader, you probably already know I do a whole lot of shopping online. The email was definitely distracting and tempting!

I saw some things…let’s just say - I don’t even know what year it was popular in! Like the shoes in the photo below. Then I somehow landed on fully bras, what is fully? I soon found out it is similar to support bras. I am not sure why it would be more comfortable than going bra-less… but supposedly many people wear this type, because it is snug every where. Huh? I think with most things, the answer will come as in time. But right now, I just know the very first thing I do when I get home is run upstairs and strip as fast as I could.

I just got through dealing with Uncle Sam, now Mother’s Day is around the corner. The ring in the photo below caught my eyes for my mom. What do you think? She really likes blue, so do I. She likes blink-ie stuff, so do I. She likes the price, and so do I! If there were two – I would own one.

Do you know what really got me - the clearance stuff. For example, I saw the kitchen valances below. The set together is too much wow for me, but I could use some color in the house. I would break them up and since it is striped white, it will fit very well with the rest of the accessories in my kitchen.

Now is the time to check-out Blair and find out how you can make your shopping more rewarding. Blair is currently celebrating their 100th Birthday and is giving away $100 gift certificate for their sweepstakes entry.


  1. Who would like to shop online? It's so convenient, and no pressure from salespeople!

  2. Yes, online shopping is the best.

  3. The prices at Blair seemed a lot more reasonable than other places. They also have a large selection the whole family, like a department store.


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