Dallas Promises Great Real Estate Investment Opportunity

I have a niece graduating from college and she is currently looking to buy a home in Dallas. I don’t blame her, there are quite a few Dallas Homes for Sale. She wouldn’t have any problem finding a nice home for a lot less than California. Dallas Real Estate is among the three cities in Texas and one of the top cities in the United States chosen as best place to Earn a Living, according to an article written by Forbes on Real Estate.

They are also ranked as #1 from a top ten list as the best city for real estate investment, by NBC, on January 2009.

I also found out that Dallas has been ranked #2 for having the most Dallas Homes For Sale that are built Energy Efficient in the whole US!

My niece will be happy to know that she will be investing in a city that is further along in energy efficient technology than most cities in the United States. Silicon Valley never made it to the top 20 list, while San Francisco comes in at #16. Furthermore, Dallas is one of the top places to earn a living, and a one of the cities promising great real estate investment opportunity.


  1. Sounds good -- and it's close to the Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders!!

  2. that sounds like paradise, having higher potential to earn yet pay lot less for housing, i understand why a lot who leaves CA would call this beautiful place a hell :(

  3. I know what you mean Betchai, in this economy, CA mortgage is the last thing you want to have.
    Peter - I am jealous now that I know you like Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders!
    Mumsy - she is a pretty lucky girl.

  4. The state of Michigan, while it is home, has been hard hit economically. I wish her all the best.

  5. Your niece will do well I'm sure. The real estate market there is actually climbing and inventory has been decreasing month over month this year. Plus, I expect Dallas to be less expensive to live in when compared to SF or Silicon Valley.


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