Blogger Side Bar Fell to Bottom

One day last month, after my Painting on the Building post, my blog's sidebar went haywire. Naturally, I enlisted the help of my blog mentor IcyBC. I am not a "blog tech" so am certainly not trying to teach what I don't know, but I do want to share what I know and what we have done in case anyone ever run into the same problem.

Here are some reasons we found from, and other posts on the internet that the problem might be caused by.

* Your side bar content might have been too long, or the url in your sidebar is too long.
* The content in your post might be too long, or an item in your post is too long, too large.
* Your content could have been behind a page break and therefore pushing down your side bar.

Here are some things we've tried:

* Go into all the posts, checked the sidebars, and deleted items that could be causing the problem.
* Icy tried to recreate the template, changed out the template, and uploaded new templates. Nothing was working. Mind you, the day before everything was fine!
* She went into all of the new posts to look for possible errors, but still nothing. We knew it wasn't the text or any of the links after our inspections.
* Finally, she started shrinking the pictures and it was good again, but the older posts were still pushing the sidebar to the bottom of the page. So I had to go in the older posts and kept shrinking the images until I was tired and couldn't do anymore...
* Saved all the scripts from the side bar and reinstalled.
* Try republishing the last few contents and see if you receive a html code error, if you do, just fix, or delete as suggested and it should help.

A day has gone by, it was like seeing an old friend again once Icy fixed it back to it's blue and normal condition. It was a tough fix.

Note: The strangest thing was the day before, everything worked fine, even with the images being the size they were!

I hope no one has this problem, and if you did would you share what you did to correct it?


  1. i'm not sure about that, Anyway, it's interesting to know.

  2. Oh yes, that was a nightmare when we can't find any problem or anything with it..

  3. That's happened to me before as well and it's usually caused by copy and pasting something that's too large. It's good to know I can call on Icy for these tech issues.

  4. Yeppie, never want it to happen again! Ugghh. Poetic Shutterbug/ Joanne, good to know about the copy and paste -HTML doesn't like it.


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