The Places I Love

The memories of Detroit seemed so long ago, but it will always have a special place in my heart. This was the first city my family settled in after leaving our country. I lived in Detroit until ninth grade, where once every summer, our family would take trips to the Belle Isle Conservatory. We would go to Canada, or Niagara Falls for a Sunday get-away and it was within hours. Just the idea of being in a different country within hours of driving was amazing. I still have family around the Detroit area, and I still go back for Christmas every now and then. With the frequent visits back, I felt like I had never left.

There is no place like Detroit, just like there is no place like San Francisco. Now that I live on other end of the United States, there is no comparison. Each city has its uniqueness and that is why both cities are well known even to many foreigners.

San Francisco has to be one of the top places for nature, nightlife, and shopping centers. Imagine your favorite shops multiplied ten times their sizes. Take a look at the picture of a department store above, isn’t it so huge? I could never shop the entire store. I am a "weak shopper" according to my son, but I do try to keep up with him as much as possible. I have attempted many times go through the entire store and never could.

San Francisco has beautiful places for tourism, the Piers are great, you can eat crab right there along the opened bars, and watch people from all over the world walk around. You can walk across the gorgeous Golden Gate Bridge, with the sun on your face, and the water underneath your feet. One of the places we love to take people from out of town to is the Alcatraz cruise. I can’t say enough about living in San Francisco, it is like going on vacation every weekend. For you curious investors out there, take a look at the San Francisco homes for sale and see if you wouldn't want to own a piece of this wonderful place on earth. I would stay here forever if I could. So far, life is good, and I can’t think of a better place to be.


  1. I did some heavy duty shopping when I lived in NY. We would walk all over. Living in Michigan now, I am much to lazy. We drive every where, but there is still a lot of territory to cover on foot when shopping. I sympathize. :-)

  2. I am never one to shop for clothes, but I like to shop for homes, though I can't ever afford to buy the way I shop. :-)


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