Valentine Argentina Ski

The last time I went skiing was BT, before Trinity. I am so in need of a vacation, or a get-away. Right now, somewhere far away sounds really wonderful, and somewhere I haven’t been to before, like Argentina. Ski in Argentina – doesn’t that sound romantic?

It doesn’t take much to convince me that I need to travel here one day, just look at the Cerro Catedral Ski Resort! With all the gorgeous accommodations and different ski lessons, who wouldn’t have a great time? The thought of being surrounded by snow, and not just from my blogger friends’ pictures, but in real life already have me longing to pack my bags.

 On second thought, who needs bags, just go now…I wish.
I would love to find great packages for Cerro Chapelco. Maybe 5 days with a ski tour, because the tours are always fun, it gets me out doing things that I don’t normally do on my own.

That one day can’t come soon enough. I can’t wait until summer to see Argentina Ski Resorts, because every time when planning a vacation, we always have to wait until summer, otherwise, who would be directing the weekday madness for the kids while we are off enjoying ourselves? For that reason, I will be the one planning a surprise get-away for a Valentine's Day!


  1. I have been talking to this guy. We are not a couple but we act like one. He has not asked me about Valentine's day yet, so should I just assume that he is not my valentine.


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