Kids' Gifts at Lou Lou's Corner

It never ends, after Christmas, and New Year, there’s birthdays. I have so many friends having their kids' birthdays in January and February that I ran out of ideas in what to gift them. When searching online, I found Lou Lou’s Corner. I couldn’t be any happier to find out that they carry all the brand name toys and clothing for children.

For the little girls I think the appaman brand is so precious. Like the sample skirt in this picture, isn’t that sweet? I haven't seen this nice soft powder blue skirt with the fluffs anywhere else. For the little boys, I looked for some toys and stuff animals in the jellycat brand. They are amazingly soft and hug-able.

I had a lot of fun shopping online at At least I know the kids don’t see this kind of stuff everyday elsewhere. One of the items I was looking to purchase for myself and Miss T are the barefoot dreams jackets. They have a mommy size and daughter size! We don’t normally dress alike, but I think it would be cute to have one or two things that we can actually show-off in once a while.


  1. Sounds fun doing online shopping there.. :)

  2. I love shopping on line and I am always looking for gifts so thanks for this site...Christine


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