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Times are tough and some neighborhoods are experiencing criminal behaviors like they never have before. Shall I just say burglaries have increased since many people don’t have jobs? It’s happening in good and bad neighborhoods. There is no such thing as a safe neighborhood unless you have a good home security system.

Everyone wants to feel secure in their homes, and the last thing anybody wants to experience is a break-in and their family to feel violated. As such, my neighbors have been changing and upgrading their home security systems, this includes me. I also have been looking to upgrade to a different security system for our home. My next door neighbor mentioned ADT, so I started my online search and found HomeSecurityTeam.com.

It is important to me to find great support as well as a good product. ADT Security has been around for a long time and I have heard many people spoke well of this company. If you own an ADT Security System, I would like to know if you would recommend it and what you like best about it.

Thanks for reading my article, if you have experienced or suggestions with home security systems please comment below.


  1. Hi! I live in what I think is a safe neighborhood but a security system gives me peace of mind, both when I am home and when not. We have a Brinks system but they have changed their name to something else, salso starts with a B. WQe are very happy with them. They monitor and have never failed us....Christine

  2. security system is a necessity nowadays.

  3. Hi Christine, thank you for your recommendation and comment. I have heard of Brinks and glad you're able to give me a thumbs up.
    Hi Wenn, I absolutely agree with what you're saying, it is very true.

  4. I have worked in retail for a number of years and had to set the alarm nightly. We had ADT and it works great! We have captured would thieves.

  5. Definitely a good investment, especially if you find youself alone in the house at times.


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