Dining Choice for a Special Occasion

A friend of mine has been searching for a place to have an intimate dinner with the bridesmaids and close friends. She asked if I could help with the research, since she is overwhelm with preparations for her wedding.

I found an Italian restaurant in the heart of La Jolla online. I sent her the link and we both went to visit a couple of weeks later. They have a fantastic staff, when ever we called the restaurant for information, they never made us feel like we are asking too many questions, or they didn’t know the answer. We had visited about ten different places searching for San Diego banquet facilities and decided we were happiest with Trattoria Acqua.


  1. This sounds like a very nice place to dine.

  2. Thanks for stopping by Judy, if you ever have a chance to visit San Diego, I hope you'll give it a try.


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