Beach and Golf Horizon

Usually this is the time of year that starts me day dreaming about the beaches and the heat. I love beaches, but we don’t have much to brag about around here. I am currently looking into a mini get away at the Myrtle Beach Hotel.

I know my significant other is ready to play some golf rounds instead of watching other people play on television. I would love to get away from the everyday chores but still feel like I am home for the habits, or dependencies I don’t want to live without. Like a hot and delicious cup of cappuccino made my way, with my favorite cream. Myrtle Beach Accommodations are flexible as such, they offer two and three bedrooms with equipped kitchens, and oceanfront views for me. As for my other half, there are many golf packages to choose from, and he will not be able to resist.

Stay-cations are great, but there’s no sand around our house, or sounds of waves. We’ve tried to plan summer trips for the last few years and never succeeded, but while daydreaming one day, I noticed that the Myrtle Beach Accommodation is very reasonable during the month of February. It seems to be a good time if anyone is able to go. I am due for a sandy beach-y vacation, and my significant other is due for some golfing. Blue water, oceanfront views, and miles of green grass - see you soon!


  1. We could go away right now if it's possible..We had about 8 inches of snow, and school is closing today..

  2. Icy and I would like to go and get away from the snow. lol


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