Online Entertainment

The internet has changed many of our behaviors and lifestyle. We used to drive to Reno, or Tahoe to play card games. Ever since the gas spiked and the economy is not so great, we have been resorting to stay-cations. Besides, why would we drive to a far away place, and breathe the smoky air when we can play card games with people from all over the world in our own home.

Once in a while my significant other has the urge to play poker. The website he uses offers Poker Tools. He watches the Poker Videos to learn the how to, tips, and strategies. It is eye opening when you can watch someone applying the strategies in a video.
He said the website also has Poker Odds Chart which lays out the probability of what pairs, flops, and turns and rivers which would be dealt to you. It is pretty amazing to me how Poker is played on the internet. There is so much information available about online Poker that it’s not surprising if someone who is smart and lucky would be winning all the time.

I am just glad that there are entertainments for everyone on the internet. It’s a perfect world when he can play poker and I can blog online!


  1. Card games are too confusing for me! However, great information..Thanks sis!

  2. I love the flow of your blog. Nice navigation and functionality. Keep up the good work.


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