Not Just an Address Plaque

I have noticed many homes with beautiful address plaques. They are so sophisticated and stylish with so many different styles. I especially love the address plaque that my neighbor from across the street has. Their address sign not only include the address numbers, but also their last name. It’s very unique and individualized.

We have one of those address signs that is just include the numbers and lights up at night. The light up feature is there for the sole purpose of being able to see the numbers in the dark. Now that I think about it, we hardly have any visitors that come after dark, and if we do, it’s for a party of some sort, and they would not have to look for our house address. In other words, the lighted address sign is really not as useful as I thought. But as I recalled when the lighted address plaques first came out, they were put on every single new home developed. Every single real estate home builder thought that it was a useful addition, and would add a nice touch or somewhat of an upgraded look.

Any day now we are in need of changing the address sign on our house, and I can’t wait to pick the one close to what my neighbor has.


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