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Guest Blogger: Dizzle

As I walked into the classroom of H-2 at Lovell High School, I was optimistic about having a great English class for the first time ever. Mrs. Christina Stephenson was standing beside the white board, greeting us as we took our seats with a firm and serious look. I positioned myself for a long year, not expecting anything different in this class than any other language arts classes I had before.

Over the next several weeks, I found that Mrs. Stephenson was quite unique - more than any teachers I have known. Her jokes were similar to ours (students), though less derogatory. She had impeccable style, and most of all I learned more about human nature in this class than ever in my entire life. She was altruistic, compassionate, and motivated. She made the meaning of life more meaningful. I felt like she was a mother to us.

As time went on, I realized what a truly amazing person she was. Her charisma and her caring nature outshone that of any teachers I had have thus far. I thought to myself how I wish she would quit teaching and find a job that would make her rich and famous. First, because she deserves to be recognized and secondly, so that other people can benefit from knowing such an amazing human being.
On the last days of school, she cried when she told us that she was so proud to be our teacher – and it was the only profession worthwhile to her. Not everyone may know her name, but she makes her impact by gracing one student at a time.

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  1. The photos are great in Monochrome, and the story is very inspiring. Once in a while we'll meet a teacher that makes learning more enjoyable.

  2. there are certainly many teachers out there who are really amazing! too bad i am not as i had already quit!

  3. Beautiful monochrome shots and inspiring story!

  4. A charming story, I'm so glad she made the year special for you and the other students. Nice black-and-white memories in the photos.

  5. It's great to have inspiring teachers- they are a part of your life. An hour each day for five days a week! I am glad you found someone so awesome. Thanks for participating this week my dear!


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