Mailbox Post Exchange

Our mailbox post collapsed one day, and it’s ridiculously inconvenient. The mail lady had to get out of her truck and walked the mail to our door. Sometimes when we were not home, the mail has to be left by our front door! The mailboxes in my neighborhood are designed so that the mail lady could just drive by and drop-off the mail, like a drive through.

Since my neighbor and I share the same post, we had to look for one that has double mail boxes. The other criteria was to find a new post that is exactly like the previous one we had to keep it consistent with the neighborhood. We agree to a post, and put our mailbox on, and the neighbors put his on. Everything was great and we were back in business for a month. Then one day, I went to my mail box, and what did I see? The post had a huge crack right down the middle, and the mail boxes were falling over again!

The second time, we decided not to go with what we had just used, but instead find a sturdier, and more quality post. We finally found one that would hold double mailboxes and very stylish. It was easy to install, and we didn’t worry so much about matching with the neighbors this time.


  1. I have an old black metal one, and it is on its last leg..It needs to be changed soon..

  2. Hi,

    Regarding ideas, it depends what the pots look like, what they are made of and where they are going to be displayed?

    Pots used in a kitchen would look nice with food prints, fruits, veg. Similarly, for pots used in the garden etc.

    Let me know what you are going to use the pots for and I see if I can send you some ideas :)

  3. IcyBC - The black ones look sturdy too, but I guess over-time anything would wear out.
    Bird Learning to fly - I will email you separately. Thanks for the offer.


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