Internet Connections with Great Service

I have been unhappy with my current internet provider for quite sometime. The first problem is that it's too expensive. Secondly, the connection drops often. It is frustrating. And you know what? I don’t need to be agitated this often by something I am paying for. I can not understand why once you have an account anyone can jump onto your internet, if it’s left unsecured, yet, it costs so much per month for internet service. Wouldn't it be nice if it is more affordable so that more people could have internet service?

One day neighbor told me about her internet provider and how reasonable it was. She started with a cheap dial-up account, and now has upgraded to their dsl service. I couldn’t believe it, for people who are more comfortable with dial-up service, it is $9.95 a month!

My neighbor isn’t tech savvy either, but she knows good service when she gets it. She said the customer service at is great, especially for people like her who is retired and intimidated with this technologically advanced world. They are kind and helpful. After hearing how my neighbor explained in details some examples of how had helped her resolve her issues, I was very impressed. It sounded to me like old fashion business relations with great service in a very modern world.


  1. Customer service is becoming distinct nowadays. If you call in for questions or anything, you will have to deal with automated answering system for a good 30 minutes before you can actually talk to a PERSON..

    This is good to know!


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