Using Tech to Keep Senior Citizens Safe

Senior citizens are living longer than ever, and many of them desire to maintain their independence. Because their loved ones are likely worried about their well-being, tech like that provided by Alder Home Security is designed to provide senior citizens and those closest to them with peace of mind and security. Being aware of such tech goes a long in knowing the many ways older individuals can help themselves to a better quality of life.

Smart Home Technology

Smart homes go beyond voice-activated sound systems and programmable thermostats. When it comes to senior citizens, that smart home technology consists of video doorbells so they can easily see who’s at the door, stove sensors that alert users when the appliance has been left on and even cleaning robots to help out around the house. There are also accelerometers that detect when a person has fallen, technology that can potentially save a life.

The homes of senior citizens can also be outfitted with motion detectors, which double as a security measure. Security is increased with the addition of video cameras that monitor the home as well as make it easy to see and hear from distant relatives and friends.

Medication Reminders

Because there are so many senior citizens who have chronic diseases but might not have the best memory, it’s vital that they have a way to remember to take their medicine. Modern pill organizers let a senior citizen’s caregiver or child see if pills have been taken. Organizers can be programmed remotely to make it easy to ensure pills are taken at the right time on the right days. A familiar voice recorded on the device can be programmed to remind the user to take her or his medicine. Such technology can keep senior citizens out of the hospital and in better health.

More Comfortable With Technology

While there are human caregivers who can take care of aging individuals, not all senior citizens feel comfortable with a flesh-and-blood human being helping them; they actually prefer a robot. This is because robots don’t go through their belongings, steal or discuss their lives with other people, concerns that many older individuals have when it comes to allowing strangers into their homes. For that reason, opting for a home monitoring system might be the better way to go for able-bodied senior citizens who have loved ones worried about their safety.

Making Technology Easy for Older Users

While modern technology can do more than ever when it comes to helping and taking care of older individuals, still, the fact remains that many senior citizens aren’t the most technologically savvy. For this reason, it’s best to opt for security measures and technology that utilize simple interfaces and sizeable screens and print. Users should also be able to easily and quickly get in touch with someone who can help them when they need assistance.

Because such technology often requires a connection to the internet, older users should know the basics of how their internet connection works and how to troubleshoot any problems they might have before turning to a customer service agent or technician. Additionally, home monitoring systems, home care robots and related tech could have an accompanying app that works on either a smartphone or tablet, which is something else senior citizens should know how to use and do so with little issue.

Even though there’s much technology can do to keep senior citizens safe and help them enjoy a better quality of life as they age, there’s no substitute for human interaction, physical exercise, regular visits to the doctor, spending time with friends and family and other, more traditional methods of staying healthy and safe. Combining the old with the new is the ideal way for everyone involved to enjoy better peace of mind.
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