When He is NOT the One..There's Nothing to Talk About

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What happens to you when you're in a relationship you have no business being in?

  • If you're lucky, you will eventually realize that you are not being fair to yourself. 
  • You will feel guilty about trying to let go. 
  • You will have a hard time justifying that you're the wrong person for him.
  • You will become less and less like you. 
  • Letting go will be the hardest thing you will ever do. 

If you're lucky, you will eventually realize that you are not being fair to yourself

One morning, you woke up and decided that it's been going on long enough. All the self-torturing about breaking up because you don't want to be wrong. You're exhausted from the numerous times that you have tried to justify to yourself why you're still with him every time he shows he isn't near the caliber you need him to be.

But this is how you feel, and it doesn't mean that he isn't right for someone else. He could be cream of the crop to someone else who is less ambitious than you. He might be perfect for someone who is even more selfish than he is. 

The problem when you are selfless is how difficult it is to be in a relationship with someone who is oblivious about how his actions might affect you. 

You will feel guilty about trying to let go 

Your mate is the way he is because he is totally happy doing less, or just enough for himself.  

It bothers you and makes you feel guilty that you even dared to think about him like that. When he is trying so hard to please you. It isn't that he is trying hard to please you, it's more like he is trying hard to not to confront the problem and differences between the two of you. 

You will have a hard time justifying that you're the wrong person for him

Sometimes the other person is content but you're not. And why? Because you are just MORE in every aspect, and the person is NOT. You will be the one suffering.  

The sad part is that your partner might not see anything wrong with the relationship because he has no motivation, no idea, and no objection. If you are considerate, manage everything and successful, he is happy to be with you, therefore, his world is better than yours. What would he complain about when you're already on it?  

When the answer from the other person is so shallow and does not have anything to do with you or you and him, but just about him - it's a red flag. YO. 

When you stop and observe his dislikes and likes, it became obvious you both have different directions and goals. 

Letting go will be the hardest thing you will ever do

Sometimes you want to talk things out. Logically, you like to know if there is something you have not heard from the other person. You're hoping the other person is going to say something profound. 

Again and again, you are disappointed with the shallow conversations. The nonchalant attitude, and the way too unenthusiastic behaviors. It's so hard when you really want to make things work and you know damn well it won't. 

Yet because of whatever the reason, it is easier to just float on.
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  1. Boy, hot topic! There are no perfect match even with couples that managed to be together over 20-30 years. Someone once told me to look at the major issues and let go of the rest.


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