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How do you find time to shop? I haven’t been able to shop at ease since I had my baby. I stayed away from malls as shopping with her is just chaotic. The only type of shopping that fits with our lifestyle now is online / the internet. At times, I feel like I live half of my life on the internet. And it isn't so bad because  at least I have the option. We are truly better off than the old days where new parents are trapped without means of the internet.

Father's Day is coming and I am concocting ideas for SO's gift. Other than his love of watching Michigan Basketball in his man cave, I thought men's clothing would be a nice change. It's better than the usual realistic household gadgets that we get for each other. But, buying men’s clothing is difficult for me because of a silly reason, men clothes are not as fun and colorful as women clothes.

I should give up trying to buy clothes for him, but that isn't working so far. I usually find nice things through online stores like Norsdrom, or Banana Republic. But the surprise element is deadended when we buy clothes for each because we feel the need seek approvals before we pull the trigger.

I just discovered an article today on places you could shop for Men's clothes. The price range is different from place to place and so is the return policy. I suggest you review the policies carefully before you buy.
It seemed some of the stores are from the UK, so you're getting a little European style influence. Moreover, you're not stuck with the typical brand name stores and only clothing lines from the US, but now there's so much more to explore. The one that stood out to me is the "everything 5 EUROS" - like the Dollar Tree concept. It's so nice to know that you don't have to worry about the different prices. Just one - I will definitely explore that online store much more.

16 Ideas / Online Locations to Shop for Men's Clothes

Frank & Oak
Uniqlo G by Guess
Jimmy Jazz
Charles Tyrwhitt

Have fun shopping
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  1. I like this website, for the guide line on their merchandises..

  2. Shopping on the internet is so convenient. I wish it had been available when my kids were little.

  3. @Diane AZ Shopping on the internet is becoming more realistic as everyday requirement. To compare prices.

  4. @Icy BCYes, they are informative and resourceful.


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