Simple Ways to Supplement Your Income

Our bank accounts aren’t always as full as we’d like, and employers aren’t likely to offer you a raise every other month. If you’re on the hunt for ways to supplement your income and find some extra spending money, consider these simple money-making tips and pad your wallet within a month’s time.

Out with the Old

You may have some lucrative funds sitting right under your nose—literally. Go through your home and gather all the old items you no longer use. You’ll be surprised at how quickly we can accumulate material things we don’t need. If you’ve got a garage that’s jam-packed or a closet that’s overflowing with clothing you no longer wear, consider hosting a garage sale. You can get rid of a bunch of unwanted cluttered and make some immediate cash. If you just have a few items to sell, consider OfferUp. This site is an online selling marketplace where you can peddle off your wares to local residents.

Take a Dog (and Yourself) for a Walk

If you love animals and want to get more active, dog walking could be right up your alley. Sites like Rover.com can connect you with dog owners looking for trustworthy individuals to take Fido out for a daily lunch walk. Some even ask for overnight visits, which could see you lounging in a comfy home and cuddling a pup for money—what could be better?

Babysitting Is a Tried and True

If you have children, you know how crucial a trustworthy babysitter can be to a happy and sane life. Speak with friends and reach out to acquaintances to see if anyone is searching for a reliable childcare provider or occasional babysitter. Whether you’re in charge of the little ones for a few hours while mom and dad head out on date night or you’re asked to watch the kids for an entire weekend while their parents are away, you can make easy money. Keep the little ones active and happy with some fun spring activities. Set up a movie screen in your backyard and host a viewing of the newest animated feature—your own kids will be overjoyed with their new weekend playdate and you’ll have a little more cash to work with when the evening or weekend is done.

Consider Rideshare Applications

If you love driving and don’t mind making small talk, you can learn more about your city and make quick cash by joining a ridesharing app as a driver. Services like Lyft are the taxi of the future and can make for a flexible job opportunity done on your terms. If you’re a bit hesitant about driving around strangers, check out See Jane Go. This is a rideshare service for women, by women. Women-only drivers pick up women and children passengers only. As the company continues to expand, you could stand to make a great deal of money without feeling vulnerable in your driving position.

The Internet is Your Money-Making Friend

We’re all on our phones, tablets, and laptops all day long, so why not turn this bad habit into some cold hard cash? There’s no limit to the ways you can make money online. Consider your skill set and determine where you could make the most from your abilities. Are you a talented writer? Freelance writing offers plenty of opportunity. Perhaps you have a degree in graphic design; you can make a killing on small side projects for companies looking for some design help. Remote.com is a solution for remote workers looking to connect with employers seeking freelance individuals. You can set your price and accept only the jobs you want to take on. Internet work is one of the easiest ways to make a quick buck, and you can find projects of all sizes and budgets. 

If you’re looking for ways to make money, the only limit is your imagination. Keep these supplementary income opportunities in mind and bulk up your bank account this spring.
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