Tulips Wrapped in Burlap Makes Statement

Beautifully presented in burlap wrapper were a dozen blushing tulips. The whole package looked amazing. It was a arranged in a way that the tulips fit the cardboard case neatly and shapely. Such creativity and the ingenuity!

I've received flowers in  traditional ways, such as vase, box, baskets, and pots but this is was the first time I received flowers in burlap that look as elegant as this. I thought they were the smartest way to send flowers and thoroughly enjoyed it.

Dustin surprised me with these flowers, almost a year ago. Time flew by as I felt as though it was only weeks ago.

I didn't realize that when he went off to college that he would never officially live with us again, but that was what happened. It was good that I was oblivious to the inevitable then, otherwise, it would have been very difficult to let him go. I might have insisted that he went to college locally so that he can live with us.
All that said, I am still very lucky that he comes home quite a bit and join us on trips, so I really never feel like he is far away. He always finds ways to reach out and stay close - such as sending thoughts when he can't be around.

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  1. Leave it up to Dustin to find the unusual gifts, he's good with that. It's very beautiful!


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