Relax in Your New Gazebo

If you're looking for a way to create a relaxing backyard, a gazebo is the perfect solution. Whether you prefer a sunny spot to entertain friends or a shady, quiet corner to read your favorite book, a gazebo will create a comfortable place where you can enjoy the outdoors.

Gazebos can be built from wood, vinyl and aluminum in a variety of different shapes including square, rectangular, oval, octagon and hexagon. A typical size gazebo for an average back yard is 12” x 12”, 12” x 14”, and 14” x 14”, but they can be custom built to any size that fits your yard. You can build your gazebo with a variety of roof styles(Total Roofing can explain more in depth the options to choose from) and open, closed or screened-in walls. Whatever size, shape and style you choose, a gazebo will provide a great place for entertaining friends and family or relaxing with the kids on a warm afternoon.

When choosing a location, consider how you plan to use your gazebo. You can choose a convenient spot on the patio, a sunny spot in the lawn, or a charming spot in the garden. If you have a swimming pool, spa or hot tub, locating your gazebo close to those areas will provide a convenient place for you and your guests to dry off and relax. If you like to entertain, locating your gazebo near your outdoor grill or outdoor kitchen will make cooking and outdoor dining easier and more convenient.

Depending on the size and shape of your gazebo, you can create an interior space with benches, chairs and tables. With a large square, rectangular or octagonal shape, it's easy to use an outdoor dining table and chairs for afternoon cookouts and late night dinners. The gazebo's solid roof will provide the perfect place for hanging lanterns filled with flickering candles for warm light and inviting atmosphere. Railings will provide a place for plants and flowers that add wonderful color and scents to your gazebo setting.

The cost of your gazebo will depend on the size, shape and materials you choose. To learn more, talk to a professional contractor in your area who can help you plan a gazebo design that fits your needs and budget and complements the style of your home. A beautiful backyard gazebo will add beauty to your landscape, value to your home, and endless hours of outdoor enjoyment to your life.

Image courtesy of artur84 portfolio at FreeDigitalPhotos.net
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  1. The people who live next to my friend's house has a gazebo in their backyard, and it is an enjoyable place for them to sit and read in the summer! That is nice!

  2. I was invited to a private garden party. They had a gazebo in the back yard with screen enclosure. Inside they mounted a swing not just on a hook but a spring hook, this gave the swing a little bounce. It was awesome! I am highly allergic to mosquito bites so the screens was a life saver without giving up the views. Love gazebos!


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