Recycling Balers in All Different Sizes

I am betting that recycling isn't one of the subjects you'd often think about, but there are many items in our household that aren't trash. Many of us don't take the time to understand what is recycle-able, and what is not. Sometimes I even have to run to my recycling chart to check on what can go into the QCR balers & compactors.

Below is an image of the things that you can recycle and the things that you cannot. It is smart to limit the trash can items, because it can save you  money. How, you say?

In the United States, and specifically California all recyclable items are Free (technically). How it works is that you are charged based on the size of the garbage can you signed-up for. You can have as big of a recycling bin as they come, but you don’t have to get the same size garbage can. So most people opted for small size garbage cans and bigger size recycling balers.

We have been really good, and it's all about being conscientious of what we throw into the trash balers. We are using the next to smallest size of the garbage can, and now that our family had shrunk another person, I think we can even go smaller. Most of the time we still have a lot of room in the current size trash can we have. Bottom line is, the less trash the smaller the trash bin, and the less you’ll have to pay, hence you will save money every week.

Saving money isn't the only reason to find more recyclable items, there is the bigger picture, which is to sustain our environment, and this is everyone's responsibility.

Image courtesy of marin's portfolio at FreeDigitalPhotos.net
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  1. Our city just provided us with a huge garbage bin! In fact, it is so big that I can't handle it! I can't push it, so my son has to do this now. They are not thinking at all about what they are doing!

    1. That is super weird. There are so many items that can go into the recycling bins, and putting everything in the garbage dump is just filling up our earth with horrible stuff.

  2. I like to see more options for those that want to recycle. Great post!

  3. I guess it makes sense to get a recycle can larger than your trash. The odds are better that you are going to recycle more than you throw away.

  4. Recycling is a lot different than it used to be when I was a kid. It is good to see so many people recycle knowing it is about saving mother earth.

  5. Recycling is so easy these days. In our town, you do not have to seperate anything. You can leave the glass with the cardboard and aluminum.

  6. Single stream, or single sort, recycling is one of the best innovations that has come from this time. It is great that the consumer can just dump and not have to worry about re-sorting everything!


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