Salt Water Corals in Brilliant Colors

Corals are so beautiful. I am just amazed how brilliant the colors are. They are just like flowers, there are endless types and shapes. These shown are salt water corals, but they also come in fresh water too. The sea world is an amazing beyond belief place.
They look so delicate yet not so much. Some corals produce a thick mucus that can be distasteful to fish in order to survive from getting bitten, swallowed and nipped by other sea animals. Corals actually serves as shelter for many living organisms. As such their reproductions very important. They can be reproduced sexually or asexually.

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  1. Those shots are so pretty!
    I'd love to see this in real life sometime.

  2. I would love to scuba diving some day to see these in person. They are beautiful!

  3. Very pretty! The colors are so vivid and wild!

  4. Lovely photos! I really want to go scuba diving at some point so I can see these things for myself. The ocean is scary, but beautiful, and I would absolutely love to see much more of it. Very cool!


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