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Keeping The Time

electronic time clock
When you own a business, you are responsible for making sure all of the employees arrive on time and that the time they are at work is recorded properly. A timeclock is ideal for ensuring that everyone clocks in and out as they should and to help the accounting department of the company.

There are a few different types of clocks that you can get. The most common, and the easiest to use, is one where the employees will use a badge. The badge will have a stripe on the back that is scanned. The times that the employee clocks in and out for the day and for lunch are recorded. This system is often linked back to a computer in the office to make it easier to have records of the number of hours that each employee has each week. When payroll checks are written, the accounting department can simply look at the hours for the week before writing the check. This kind of system can prevent employees from writing down more hours than they were really at work. It's an ideal system for companies that have several employees who might work different hours. Even if the employees work when there is no one in the office and there is only a supervisor in the building, the hours are still sent to the computer system.

Another system that is easy to record the correct times of the employees is a punch card system. The employees will punch a card when they arrive and when they leave for the day. There isn't a way to write a different time on the card as the times look like they have been hole punched instead of simply marked out. When there is a clock in use, it can help monitor those who frequently arrive at work late or those who seem to leave early all the time. If there are issues with employees who don't work all day, then the clock system can point to the person who is not being as responsible as the other employees. This can save the company money and allow management to find someone who will be at work on time.

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  1. That is so neat. I didn't know they had these kind of things now. What a change from the world before.

  2. My job recently got the newer time clock devices, and it marks the hours fairly simply. I like this form of tech, but a lot of people have complained, other employees of course. But that's because they were ones who tried to get extra hours when they weren't even in. So this makes perfect sense to implement in more jobs imo.

  3. This is the exact thing that businesses ought to use more often. Where I work, they have these installed and it makes keeping track of hours worked, so much easier on an employer. I hate when places of business still use old fashioned card systems like in the past.

  4. Every place seems to be adopting these devices to keep better track of work hours, and it's about time. Every place I've worked recently has a timeclock similar to this. Makes keeping track of hours worked far easier for a business and saves them a lot of money. And employees get paid what they are supposed to.

  5. Where I work, I actually keep my own time. I know, it's not ideal, but I am pretty key about keeping time fair for myself. I mark every hour I work, and if I don't work the full hour I don't even mark it. My boss is pretty chill too so he knows how I work. It's all about how much work I put into a certain hour.

  6. Time clock systems are a great tool to have in any business. If I see an old time clock system at a place of business, I truly believe many people will often, make more mistakes this way. Anyways, more businesses need to get on it and get a system like this set up.

  7. I've actually been looking for a decent quality time clock system for my new business. I've checked out a few already, but I have no idea what one to go with just yet. Then again, I am new to this, but I will keep looking. Thanks for sharing guys!

  8. The place I work at just got to using a time clock system like this. One where we don't have to check in/swipe an old style card and keep track of the hours we work on our own. It helps out so much, even though I know some people are annoyed by it, because their hours will be off a bit, but that's the life we live.


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