Easy Soft Paws Costume: Puss in Boots

Last year my girl decided to dress-up as Soft Paws from Puss in Boots. I don't blame her, as this costume has to be one of the most comfortable costumes for kids out there.
Like some mothers, I worry about how the costume would feel after she's been in it for hours in school, or on the road for Trick- a- Treat.

This costume is easy as pie to make, from the ears to the boots, most things you probably already have on hand.

So here is the list:     
1) Headband (it could be black or light pink) I used a light pink headband that has a thin cover so that I can sew on the ears for more staying power.
2) Use felt paper to cut out the ears, pink for the inner layer and black for the actual ears.
3) A black leotard
4) White felt paper or foam paper to imitate the tummy / chest part.
4) A brown/ tan belt
5) A fake sword
6) A pair of brown boots.
7) Black tights


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  1. Hi All, nice to see PX of Trinity, she is growing up too fast. Hugs. Any plans for Michigan in your Holiday events? Mary Beth

    1. No plans for MI this year. It's too cold there! That is not the real reason, the truth is we have no plans and at this rate, it isn't going to happen- too late to plans already. (p)

  2. It is important for them to be comfortable in their outfit. This one is cute too!

    1. Yes. Comfort is definitely important during those hours of trick a treat. Thanks, I think it turned out pretty good.


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