The Wide-Legged Pant Makes a Comeback in the Office

black camisole and butter wide legged pantsComfy clothes lovers of the world unite! The wide-legged pants of decades past have come full circle from the 1970s and beyond. Since that time, wide-legged pants have gone in and out of style. High fashion trends tell us that the newest variety of wide-legged pants that are back in action is the cropped style. It’s great news for those of us who cherish a relaxed pair of pants—especially for the workplace.

Finding a good pair of slacks or dress pants is essential to any business casual attire for any working woman of any age in any industry. If you've grown weary of the every day black slacks, black socks, starched shirt (which are without a doubt a great addition to your business wardrobe), take a look at the cropped wide-legged pants coming back in style today. According to distinguished high-fashion clothing designer Goga Ashkenazi, these trousers are sure to be your new best friend for your professional workplace environment or even your retail job. Not only are they roomy and pleasant, they come in a huge variety of different lengths and designs to fit your fancy.

These pants are sure to make a good impression in your office, and even in your interview. Instead of grabbing the usual go-to pants you've worn to every interview, every function, and even more than once a week to work, try to find a pair of cropped wide-legged pants that fit you perfectly. Wide-legged pants are also a very complimentary option for the curvier women out there looking for something flattering and comfortable to wear to work. Many of these styles feature a higher waist, which is perfect for showing off an hourglass figure. Pair a graphic camisole with black wide-legged pants, throw on a classic black blazer and you are looking 100 percent sharp and chic for your workday.

wide legged pants pinkThe cropped wide-legged pants can also be paired with a button down blouse and a cute pair of pumps. Or, if it’s more your speed, grab some sophisticated sandals and rock the shortened wide-legged trousers for a more casual look. It can be empowering to decide you are going to be the trendsetter in your office. Don’t be afraid to try new styles and steer away from the same thing everyone else is wearing, day in and day out. As long as you are keeping your outfit choices conservative and classy, you really can’t go wrong with super fashionable wide-legged pants.

For an office or workplace with a less rigid dress code, be daring with a pair of graphic printed wide-legged pants. You can find them in designs such as striped, zigzag, and small polka dots. Pair these sweet slacks with a simple camisole or a sheer blouse and you have created a workplace masterpiece. Be bold and excited to share this new (and secretly insanely comfortable) trend with the rest of the ladies at your office. You’ll be thankful you tried something new!

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  1. I'm sure it is very comfy and it looks really good, but I don't know how our employer would look at something that is more suitable for a beach and not for the office. I would rather wear something closer to the body because I move often and a lot, so this type of the trousers, a wide-legged pants, will only be in my way.

  2. I would love to wear the wide-legged pants because it looks very light and romantic, but I am shortish so it doesn't look so good on me.

  3. I love the wide leg pant look. I've had plenty of employers who wouldn't have batted an eye if I would have worn a pair to work.


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