Guppy Has Hard Time Delivering Her Frys

Alright folks, I know this is a little bit of a surprise, but slowly, I have managed to get some time with my beloved SelfSagacity.com blog after two months of taking on a new project. my main side-gigs and kicks are currently in this order: family, day job, night job, weekend job, fish, blog, then taxes. I am sure it will shift in time. but for now, it's this way because of the immediate needs and how easily I can get to them. below is a video of one of my female guppies. She is in a breeding tank because she is ready to deliver her frys. this was her first time and she had problems getting the frys out. Since then, she had another delivery, and it was even more complicated than the first. She managed to get three frys out, but they were dead.

It would have been nice if I had a chance to take photos of the surviving frys below so you can see how big they've grown. Believe me not very big, but they are much stronger.

Have a wonderful day! 
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  1. wow, I salute you Amanda, you have many tasks to manage, but glad you are doing very well.

    1. thanks, but I think most people would call me insane. but believe it or not, i am the most happy now. even when with my tails spinning. =))

  2. Glad some of your guppies are still alive.
    Mom's fishes are dead, and the tank is a cloudy sky! She now has a beta fish :)

  3. A hardworking woman.

    I wish I could see the video,, but I can't. The pin button is always over the play. clicking on it makes it goes to share a pin.


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