Camera in Washing Machine? Thursday Two Questions #128

Thursday will be here again, it means Friday is coming soon! The flip side of being happy that it is close to the weekend is the fact that time flies!
Last week the Linky had some issues of not holding up the links. One of our members' links, Jim, got dropped, so I thought we would feature his questions today for SS. Click on the link above his questions below to read the full story of his camera post.

Speaking of drops, I have a consistent habit of dropping keys and phones. As for cameras, I have misplaced them more times than I actually use them. The last time I washed something in water would be paper money. That is another reason why I don't carry cash with me anymore.
My very first camera was a Mavica, which got retired very early since the floppy disk drives didn't last very long. The next three cameras were lost or stolen from my kids taking them to parties and or just plain robbed. So my very latest camera, I have had for about three years. It's a good camera, but I try not to bring too many electronic devices.

Jim has new questions for this week too, so don't forget to drop-in and visit him.

Here are Jim's Little Blog's questions from last week. It is also SS's #128 questions. 
1) When did you last--did you ever wash or wet something that doesn't tolerate getting in much water?
2) What is the average life span for you camera?

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  1. hmmm, I haven't washed something accidentally so far that does not tolerate water, but maybe because, like you, I no longer carry cash. However, I got my cell phone accidentally wet when I dropped it while tidepooling, thankfully, it survived.

    I still have my old cameras, I usually have them until they just give up on me because somehow, cameras are not built to last long.

  2. Amanda, I washed my rechargeable batteries for my camera. They still worked, but they got SO HOT!! My cameras go everywhere I go. I am so protective, but they only last about a year. The last one has been about 2 years.

  3. Haven't wash anything accidentally so far I just got a new camera last yr when I upgraded to a DSLR.

  4. Thank you, Amanda. I have ordered a new camera from Amazon [dot] com and it should be here next week. It is a close out spcial on a 2012 model Sony. I'm hoping for this Friday or Saturday though.

    I lose things more than wash them. Generally what I 'lost' was not lost, just put in a place I could not remember. The worst was probably a pair of Houston Rocket Tickets one year that they were really doing good. I found them next season when they would be of no use.

    My cameras seem to last about 10,000 pictures, plus or minus (+/-). That comes to roughly two and a half years. The one I washed was almost there. It might not have made it because I had to Scotch Tape one of the buttons on, the one with the wheel that turns the flashd on and off and advances the pictures when in the 'view' mode.

  5. A few years ago, DH left his wallet in his pocket and then placed them in the machine. Most of the contents in his wallet did fine, except the American Express Travelers checks we had had for years. We wound up having to contact American Express to get a refund for these, which worked out just fine.

    Knock on wood, but I have had excellent luck with my cameras -none of them have torn up, been misplaced, or stolen. Over the years, we have strictly bought Nikon or Canon. Both brands have been great picks!

    Thanks for hosting T2Q!

  6. Washing paper money is something I do often...I always forgot to check the pockets..

    My camera has a long life span, last one was 7 years..still very usable, but just doesn't have a good zoom!

  7. nice blog. I'm a new follower and hope you will visit my blog and hopefully follow back.

  8. Oh my goodness, I am always leaving stuff in my pockets. Usually it is lipgloss or chapstick. As long as it doesn't get dried, it's ok. I found you via the Aloha Friday Blog Hop and am now following. If you get a chance, stop by my blog and say hi. http://southerngrrrlz.blogspot.com

  9. I have to watch tissue papers - I have a knack for leaving kleenex in my pockets - but my husband - he's the one that leaves important non-washables in his pockets!

    I've been fortunate with my cameras. The technology always ages out on me before the cameras break!

    Have a nice weekend Amanda! :-)

  10. I forget to remove spare notes from the jeans sometimes! Though I once dropped my house keys in the narrow slit in the elevator!!


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