Beautiful Villas in Turkey

Have you been to Turkey? They have beautiful architecture and some very beautiful Villas for Sale In Turkey. There are Villas as cheap as 39,000 Turkish Liras, which is equal to 21,701.6280 US dollars. If you're looking for a home or investment, this is another place to consider. The villas in Turkey come in all sizes and styles, some are close to the airport and some are as close as a five minute walk to the sea. If you are thinking about going to Turkey, below are some of the top attractions must see.

Top Ten Tourist Attractions in Turkey to see
1 - St. Sophia Museum
2 - Blue Mosque - Sultan Ahmet Camii
3 - Pamukkale
4 - Ephesus
5 - Cappadocia Region
6 - Pergamon
7 - Sardis
8 - Aspendus
9 - Commagene Kingdom at Mt.Nemrut
10- Gallipoli - Canakkale

What about Istanbul? Have you ever been, or maybe have lived there before? Istanbul also have many beautiful areas, just as well as land and villas. And it is fairly close to Turkey. One of these days, I hope to take a trip around the world. There are so much to see. I would also like to go to Southern Italy. I heard it is a beautiful place with warm weather and great food.

What about you? Turkey, Istanbul or Italy?
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  1. If I have a choice, and the trip is paid for, I would like to see Italy first and then Istanbul These are beautiful countries to visit!

  2. Can I pick all three? :)
    But for choice, I'd choose Italy. I've wanted to visit forever!


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