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These past few months have been a learning experience for me when dealing with different dentists in obtaining dental care for my mother. Since she is a Medicaid recipient it is 100 percent harder to find a decent office to take her to. Very few places accept Medicaid/Medicare, especially those with a good reputation and had established records.

The first office I took my mother in was like a slaughter house! You can hear a dentist screaming across the building at one hard-hearing patient. They rushed people in and out of the room as if they were herding a flock of cattle. The receptionists had no knowledge or connection with the dental staffs in the back. Their main purpose was to make appointments and collected the $3 dollars fee upfront from all patients that showed up.

Unfortunately, my mother was assigned to a young, and fresh out of college dentist, who sweat profusely as he attracted my mother's two teeth. Needless to say, my mother suffered great pain under his inexperienced hands. When it was done and over with, the entire office staffs had no idea what they did with my mother's medical billing forms, which had to be sent in to Medicaid!

Thus, I had again refilling all the forms and signed all the paper work. Out of frustrations and anxiety to get my mother home to rest, I suggested that they should invest in new reliable medical billing software to run their business more efficiently. Not only they wasted my time; they also wasted theirs, and the impression of the business was down the drain!

With today technology, I am sure that they can find specific dental claim forms to file and send electronically without much hassle on their patients. With new software that can handle medical billing forms, patients' private information would also be protected and not risking exposure of floating around into wrong hands.

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  1. Wish there were more compassionate people and business in caring for the elderly! That place sounds awful!

  2. The whole health care industry needs a big upgrade to digital technology. Many other areas too -- legal industry, real estate, etc. All these thousands of paper forms should be replaced with online docs. I'm sure it will happen eventually. In a couple of generations, people will look back and laugh at us for using all these pieces of paper (and paper money).

  3. That is so sad. I'm sorry you and your mom had to endure that treatment. I really hope they do a form of upgrade or at least get people mixed in with the trainees.

  4. I know from having to take care of mom, these places are for people who has normal procedures, and needs basic care.


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