Self Sagacity's Top Commenter Contest Winner! #8

It gives me great pleasure to announce Self Sagacity's Top Commenter Contest #8 Winner!

Every three months since the date of Self Sagacity's inception, I ran a Top Commenter Contest. The person with the most comments within the two-week period wins an *ad space on Self Sagacity. The rules are simple, because you are already doing them. Everyone is welcome. 
This eighth commenter contest ran from Nov 19th to December 3rd, 2011. An announcement is usually posted at the top of Self Sagacity's homepage, and on the side bar under Self Sagacity's Message Board. If you would like to participate, please read Self Sagacity Top Commenter Contest to learn about the details.

Self Sagacity's Top Commenter Contest #8 Winner is Colette @ JamericanSpice.com!

It isn't often that you run into someone, a blogger who sticks with you. With that I don't mean this person is needy or clingy. I meant that their comments are something that gave you a "wow" moment, something that stops your rush and makes you smile, or think about. This person I met is Colette. Even the first reply she sent to me from the comment I left on her blog, was something that had stuck with me. She stuck with me, and I stuck with her. And she is now one of my good mental friends and blogging sisters. 

Colette seems to be like "water" as she would say about someone who is transparent. A good person with no hidden agendas. She is a "yes" person, and always willing to help. I wish her success in her endeavors, and always achieving her goals. She deserves it. 

If you haven't visited Colette from JamericanSpice.com, click on either badges and take a stroll to her blog. There, you will find wonderful values that you too will be WOWed by - just another remarkable human being god created to share with us all. JamericanSpice also hosts a Blog Hop every Friday, come out and hop the islands!

Thank you Colette, and Congratulations!!!
It feels great to announce the winner of Self Sagacity's Top Commenter Contest #8 today. Running this contest has been the way Self Sagacity chose to celebrate the monumental periods of Self Sagacity's existence.

*Updated: Ads running from 30 days to the whole quarter, or until the next contest winner.
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  1. Congratulations to Colette! She has a wonderful blog.

  2. Congratulation to Collete! She has a great blog.

  3. Collete is a sweetie! I'm glad she won. Whoo-hoo for Collete!!! =D

  4. Awesome and congrats to Colette! I love her blog and her attitude too!

  5. Oh gosh this is so sweet. I'm undone. Thank you Amanda!

    I really appreciate your kind remarks.

    I'm celebrating again! :)



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