Best Parents

Contribution by Stevie Kirby

Mom and dad have to be the nicest people on the planet but Lord if they don’t know squat about technology. They actually own their own business and I just don’t know how they’ve made it through so many years successfully without some kind of system that doesn’t involve a paper ledger. When I came in last year to help them streamline everything we had to do an overhaul. First we had to get them a business computer and then we had to look into credit card processing for their clients. After that was done I actually had a high school friend come in and build them a website – can you imagine, this tiny antiques store out here in the middle of nowhere without a website? Anyway, things are better than they’ve ever been business wise and mom and dad say their life is a lot easier. It took a while for them to get over the learning curve but I think it was definitely worth it to see where they are now.
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  1. It's so great to be able to help our parents! Glad you got them the 'hook up' :)


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