Four Adjectives for Rental Floors

Rentals are hot right now. This condition will probably last for a couple more years until the market can soak up all those foreclosures, and short sales that people have abandoned. Even when school is already in session, renters might have a hard time finding that perfect home in a nice neighborhood for a reasonable price.

Investors are usually buyers that are willing and able. Many have saved and waited for the opportunities. It is scary to realized the number of cash buyers in the market place. These investors swallowed many of the bank owned, fixer uppers, and foreclosure homes with cash like they buying groceries and turn the homes into rentals.

The adjectives we have learned for flooring from being an investor having rentals are: durable, easy to clean and maintain, looks great, and wears well.  Having a durable and nice looking floor doesn’t have to cost a lot of money.  There are many types of quick step laminate that are very attractive and wonderfully designed. Laminated floors are easy to cleaned and kept polished. Not like the hardwood floors. They don’t scratch easily and doesn’t leave a film with most cleaners. The versatility is a big plus and easy on your pocket, because the cleaners can be bought anywhere. It doesn’t need any specialized materials.

If you are ever in the market for a rental investment, try laminate. There are also high end laminates that have the designer touch and can add to the value of your rental. And if you are a renter, it is definitely worth your trouble to choose laminate if you can help it. There is less worries about the condition of your rental floor when you go to turn over the keys.
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  2. I would love to eventually put laminate floors in my home. I hate that investors snap up all the foreclosures and bank-owned properties, though. They turn them into rentals, cookie-cutter flips, and shut young families with a small housing budget out of being able to purchase a fixer-upper or starter home. I have seen, in my own rural area, several abandoned, dilapidated homes which never even boasted "For Sale" signs now being renovated, some years later. It's a shame.

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