Backyard Plus Rain Chains

Who would have expected the past winter to leave so much damage to our yards? Yet, I am not complaining, I would rather clean up my yard than to be one of the victims of the Tsunami and earthquake in Japan right now, talking about a big mess. It would be devastating, and I haven't a clue what to do if it was me right now.

We live in an area that is known to have a lot of underground water, so a couple of spots in our backyard clogged up into little pools after the storms. Even the spa cover collected some rain water and all sorts of leaves and debris.

I am sad to see all the baby roses I planted did not survive. Even the cactus I carried home from my sister's backyard has been buried by the dirt build-up and broken branches. My back yard is in need of TLC. It looks abandon and messy!

Cleaning up the backyard can be a lot of work and not so much fun, but I managed to find an artistic and exciting project to tackle besides the cleaning. I saw some chains rain that looked awesome at the nursery. And with all the rain we had lately, it made me think of the fountain and rain chain my neighbor has. Rain chains can create such charm in your garden. I am hoping to find one of those unique rainchains that uses recycle water. The rain chains & fountain combo are very nice yard accessories and can also be used as a pond for your water plants.
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  1. I had never heard of rainchains, Amanda. It's been so long since I've gardened or one anything like that.

    I had my basal cell carcinoma surgery this pat Thursday at the UCSF Mohs surgery center. All is removed but, right now, my right eye is swollen and black and blue! The cance was on the bridge of my nose!

  2. Love those rain chains! They look so nice in the yard..

  3. I have never heard about them before but they look cool...Christine

  4. One of the things I adore about your blog is the pics. The info is stunning well.

    I am totally with you-My back yard needs TLC as well. Thanks for inspiring me to get cracking at it.

    Russo @ www.threegnomes.blogspot.com

  5. I have never heard of rain chains till now. I can't wait for spring, the rain chains look great in flower gardens.

  6. I am seeing these for the first time. Sorry to hear about your backyard.


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