Purple Princess Flower | Tibouchina urvilleana

If you have ever felt the princess flower leaves, you would be amazed at the softness. At first, the flower did not "wow" me as much. I was more in love with its name "Princess Flower"  than I was with the flower itself.
The Princess Flower brings back memories of a Christmas gathering a few years back. My broker at the time went all out, rented the entire restaurant. He bought nice gifts for everyone.

The purple princess flower is not as delicate as I thought. It can withstand full sun, replanting and re-potting. I moved this flower three times because I couldn't decide on the best place for its beauty and its use. The third time was into a large pot to be placed on one of my back patios. A few times my Tibouchinas looked dried out and done, but some how it always bounces back in the spring.

Because of my indecisiveness she had suffered a bit, but it is great to finally see the flower so happy and regenerating so well in the pot. It has to be one of the most happy plants I have in my plant kingdom. Please don't get overly excited about my kingdom, if you know Silicon Valley, land isn't measured by acres.

I have not had to do much pruning or fertilizing with it since it has been in this pot. I believed I found the right spot and the right medium for the flower. It is flourishing and continues to produce flowers even in these strange temperatures we had lately.

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  1. Looking at the close-ups, your Princess Flower looks like a Fairy too.

    I've never heard of that flower so thanks for sharing this post.

  2. I didn't know about this one, but I enjoyed the story about the badges. The flowers are really interesting. The pictures remind me of a baby being born. Sort of weird, isn't it?

  3. Lovely purple flower. It's wonderful to see it blooming so late, in autumn. Beautiful shots.

  4. I love this plant . . . they were all over my garden and froze to death in last year's unusual cold weather in Florida. Need to get more . . . they are very easy to propagate!

    Thanks for following me back :-)

    Have an awesome weekend . . . Gina


  5. What beautiful shots, and very pretty colors! Love all the details..

  6. sometimes I have to move my plants around few times before I can see that they like the spot and it's good for them!

  7. You can almost feel the little fuzzys on the flower. Wonderful.

  8. What simply amazing macros with intricate details and colossal color.

  9. These are just stunning!

    Happy PS!
    In Shoes We Trust,
    Maggie Mae @
    "Do these shoes match this purse?"

  10. Those pink flowers are really pretty. Happy Pink Saturday and also Happy Thanksgiving.

  11. Great macros - I see the detail of the little hairs. And the purple color is so vivid!

  12. I love the name "Princess Flower" too!

    You know, sometimes when I buy makeup, I admit, I buy the name of the makeup (for example "Rose Maliceaux") because it's a pretty name for a lipstick, and that sometimes overrides whether or not I love the color of the lipstick! I know that's not very smart, and I am working on getting rid of that trait! hehehehehe! But, like your "Princess Flower" ... it's wonderful when something has a pretty name! :)

  13. I love it simply because I love purple. They looks so delicate and lovely.

  14. What a pretty little flower, even the buds are beautiful. I haven't heard of this one but I do like the name.


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