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Going to Play Golf

Thanks for the article from Isaiah Gaines

My favorite thing to do when going to play golf is getting my clubs out and taking in the smell of the wood and hearing them clank into one another. It reminds me of the many times that I have stepped out on the grass and headed for the green. When I golf, I like to go out on my own, walking through the course early in the morning when the course is fresh and wet.

Before I leave the house, I make sure to turn on my adt Home Security to keep my house safe. Then I load up my clubs and head for the course. This gives me peace of mind as I head out to challenge my latest score. The citygolf course is a nice place to play, especially with how well it is maintained. Weekends are popular with most, but I like going out during the week as I can get to the green faster and don't have to wait on others ahead of me. This way I can enjoy my day, take a break from the mundane and get fresh air while playing a round.
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  1. My husband is a golf fanatic. He is either playing or watching it daily.

  2. Would you laugh at me if I tell you I have not yet played Golf? Yeah, I have yet had my hands on it, not just yet..

  3. Security for the house is what we all need to think about. Nice guess post!

  4. I'd love to play golf sometime. I've never played before.

  5. @Mumsy Yes, it is extremely important to make certain you have the peace of mind.

  6. @JamericanSpice Wow, another haven't tried. I hope soon you will have the chance.

  7. I bought my Hubby a complete set of golf on his birthday. He has not touched it or removed the plastic cover since then. hahaha


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