Wicked Attraction

Posted by Winford Tillman

My Favorite True Crime TV Show to watch on my satellite tv, just like they have here is Investigation Discoveries Wicked Attraction. This show is very entertaining at the same time it is about true couples that are on crime sprees. There is your ordinary quiet girl dating the town's bad boy and somehow they end up on these crazy crime sprees. The things that these couples do are unbelievable.

They are like the modern day Bonnie and Clyde. You never really get to see the narrator of the shows but the show takes you deep into the lives of the criminals. I am always waiting on this show to come on and if I can't be home to see it I always record it. This show has become my all time favorite and I have to watch it. The good thing about Investigation Discovery channel is they always show the reruns just in case I forget to record it. So no matter I am always able to watch this show. I have to have complete silence in my house when this show comes on.

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  1. Thanks so much for the post. I like watching these types of shows too, it's interesting to see how the girls are just so into bad boys.

  2. I like watching these types of show too. well, Hubby actually loves them, I just don't have a choice because he hog the remote. hahaha congrats for the guest post.

  3. I have seen this show once or twice but I keep forgetting about it. Nice guest post.

  4. I watch very little tv. My husband controls the remote and the other tv is upstairs while my office is downstairs. Great guest post.


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