What is Your Health I.Q.? Take a Quiz and Find Out

How well do you understand life insurance? Many people put off buying a policy because they do not feel comfortable with the terminology or understand the different types of products being offered. Others aren't sure how to choose an insurance company, or how insurance works in general. Perhaps you're one of those people who are waiting to add life insurance to your financial plan because you don't feel like an educated consumer. But, waiting to buy life insurance could be a big mistake since your premiums are likely to increase every year, and in the meantime, your family could be at risk.  

This quiz from HealthIQ.com will help you test your knowledge of the different types of life insurance policies available, the benefits of life insurance coverage, and the factors that impact your pricing. Do you know the difference between whole life and term life insurance? When is the cheapest time to buy a life insurance policy? What is the biggest downside to employer- sponsored life insurance? What's the best way to check out an insurance company's stability, so you know they will still be there when it is time to pay out on your policy? Can you choose a beneficiary who is different from the one named in your will? This quiz will spell out the answers for you, and let you know how your understanding stacks up against the average American. Try it now and see how well you understand this complex and important part of your financial planning.

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