Technology Continues To Improve Court Performance

The speed with which the court in Canada moves is sometimes slower than either party involved in a dispute care to stomach. But, absent power with the court themselves, they are often helpless to do something about it. 
Over the past few decades, however, technology has quietly become a driver in the race to make courts more efficient through the use of technology in record keeping, scheduling, and similar activities.
Here are some ways that technology is showing judges and administrators that it has the ability to do the job:

Online pardons:

The pardon process in Canada is presented well by sites like www.pardonapplications.ca. The sites create a streamlined process out of a system that can take up to 18 months just to get you an answer as to whether or not you can have a crime removed from your record. One of the most powerful tools that they have is to show you how to apply for a pardon in Canada without having to get involved directly in the extensive process.
They can also offer you the capability of knowing whether you will likely qualify without you having to pay for it. Simply go to a site that is offering free qualification and then fill in the information that it asks you for. You should receive an answer shortly. The nice thing about pre-qualifying for a pardon is that you don't really need to know much about the law going into it. You can just provide the information that they need and the consultants will decide how strong your chances are based on your information.

Digital apostilling:

If you want to apostille a document today, you need to travel to a legal place that normally offers notarization and similar services. Imagine how much money you could save if you have a need for regular help from someone who apostilles and you find out that you can do the process exclusively online.
The trouble in the past with allowing digital apostilling and notarization was that it was difficult to have a digital log that actually worked and had strong security. With the advent of operating systems like Google chrome and Ios, features like encryption and advanced security have been added, making it much safer for customers. The upshot is that whether or not you are testing, you will likely impress each province that is allowed to make laws regarding regulation of your digital apostille.

Dictation software:

Another type of technology that it is making it easier for the court system is dictation software used by transcription creators. In the past, using a tape recorder in court was the standard. Today, the AI that is underneath the average dictation software suite is similar to a hundred million dollar software purchase 10 years ago. Technology moves that fast. In addition to having a really low error rate, most dictation software is now ready to handle multiple languages, making it easier to transcribe people speaking in native Canadian tongues that are translated by a professional translator in court. The net result is a system that lends itself to a more efficient court system. 

One other thing that dictation software can do is transcribe the speech of convicts that are not English or French native speakers when they have an interview with a lawyer or court representative and are already in jail. With an interpreter monitoring the situation remotely, it saves the court money because they no longer need to hire a translator to come in and manually translate for the prisoner. Interpreters like the system because they don't compromise their safety as they never need to travel to the jail. 

Finding the right technology can enhance the job that the court is able to do by freeing it to do other work, like speeding up your pardon. Relying upon features and applications that have already been proved in the marketplace can help you find a product that you can do ROI testing on for your jurisdiction.
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