4 Things to Consider When Shopping for an Electric Car

Electric cars have been gaining more traction in the market lately. While they're still vastly outnumbered by more traditional gas-powered vehicles, it's undeniable that their popularity is growing as time goes on. However, there are currently many different pros and cons to the ownership of this type of car, and while they may work perfectly for some people, others could end up wanting to hold off just a little longer. If you're considering purchasing an electric vehicle in the future, take a look below at four things that you should consider before you take the plunge.

Immediate Cost Versus Cost Over Time

Nerd Wallet acknowledges the fact that electric car ownership can differ in price depending on which state or city the driver lives in. However, there are some similarities across the board. Electric cars are, generally speaking, more expensive to purchase when you're just looking at the initial costs of the vehicles. This is very off-putting to many drivers, who feel that it's a big financial risk to take. On the other hand, electric cars have been shown to be much cheaper than both gas-powered and hybrid cars over a period of five years. This is both due to the tax break given to electric car owners, and due to these owners not needing to purchase fuel for their vehicle.

Environmental Impact

As shown by Conserve Energy Future, many people have turned to the possibility of electric vehicles due to the rising concerns over our global environmental footprint. Gas-powered vehicles are known for releasing harmful toxins and pollutants into the air. Not only does this make the air less breathable for humans, but it can kill off plants, damage wildlife, and even mess with the atmosphere, causing issues like worsening holes in the ozone layer and dirty rain. The more people there are using electric cars, the smaller the fuel footprint will be, which is plenty of motivation for some.

Current Convenience Versus Future Convenience

Right now, electric cars are more convenient than they used to be but still not as convenient as gas-powered cars. Charging stations for vehicles are much harder to find than gas stations. More are being added, but this can be a no-go for people who live in more rural areas or places that don't have many charging stations available. On the plus side, the convenience of charging an electric car is speculated to rise as the popularity of this transportation method climbs. In another five years, it may be just as easy to find a charging station as it is to find a gas station.

Growth Room

There is always room for growth when new products hit the market. While they aren't exactly new, electric cars exhibit growth ability in many different areas. This includes size, comfort, technology, customizability and versatility in addition to the examples already given. While gas-powered vehicles will also continue to grow, only time will tell how well they'll be able to keep up with the advancement of electric cars.
Needless to say, purchasing a vehicle is still a big decision to make. Whether a driver wants to dive in right away and buy an electric vehicle or be more conservative and wait to see how they progress is up to them.

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