10 Free Web Directories for Blog Listings

Yet another post on Page Rank and traffic rank. If you're new to the blogging website ranking, first visit Wikipedia to get the description of Page Rank and learn more about the birth of the word. I've also written a few other blogging articles below that you might find resourceful while working on your page rank for Google search:
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Having a blog is fun, but it isn't so much fun if your blog doesn't have traffic. Behind the scenes of owning a blog there is tremendous work. Not only much time is spent on selecting and researching but also there's the stress of how to promote the blog. Driving traffic to your site is a challenging task for a blogger. I am not talking about paid traffic, but genuine, organic web search from your audience. 

One of the best things you can do for your blog is to list the url on a directory. Website directories are like the map of the internet, and just like maps, there are many different kinds and brands. The key is to find which will draw the most benefit with the least cost to you. So let's put things in perspective, Google has dominated as the top search engine from other searches,  so if you're not taking advantage of their free web crawler or URL submission, it's really a waste. 

"Overall, nearly 17 billion explicit core searches were conducted over the month of February, with Google Sites again ranking first at 10.8 billion. Over that same time, Microsoft registered 3.6 billion searches, followed by Yahoo at 2 billion, Ask Network at 273 million and AOL at 145 million. That same month, 64 percent of searches carried organic search results from Google, an 0.2 percent rise from the polls last release. Up next was Bing, which carried out 32.8 percent of all such searches." 
Quote from: http://www.latinpost.com/

10 Free Web Directories for Blog or Websites Listings:  
1 -   Google
2 -   Youtube
3 -   Facebook about and Facebook Fan page
4 -   Bing / Yahoo
5 -   Twitter
6 -   Blog Catalog
7 -   BlogTopSite
8 -   Blogarama
9 -   Blogville

10-  Bloglisting

I have read many articles regarding tips to promote your blog on different blog directories. The list is long, but there might only be a very few important blog directories that are relative to your blog theme or niche. You will need to do some due diligence to weed out the ones that are not relevant. I am still learning what works for my blog. By the way, if you have had good experiences or know of a FREE quality blog directory please comment below. I would love to hear how you've risen to stardom. :-) Thanks for reading my article. 

Update article Dec 4th, 2016
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  1. This is a great post! I have to agree with web directories since it is another way to promote your blog.

  2. You are forever offering wonderful information, like Icy! I love it. Now just to find the time to follow up. :-)

  3. You are so spot on about the traffic.. I had a hard time figuring how to drive traffic to my blog.. I just joined Blog Catalog and am still waiting for their approval.. I really hope to attract more readers since I am working my way to get my writing recognize..
    Oh yes, Thanks for the invitation. Yeah, I have followed and am checking it out. But, honestly, I am still kind of lost along the way.. I am trying to figure it out though.. Thank you so much and yeah, I love to express myself with words (as in writing). I am kind of mute in reality.. Haha..
    And, no, not yet, I haven't put them in a book but planning too.. I wished to be a published author one day but well, I have yet found the right or rather a suitable avenue. I don't even know how to get things started except the continuous writing.
    Alright, Good night for now.. and sleep tight.. *hug*

  4. @Icy BCThere seemed to be a growing number of directories everyday. It is almost mind bogling to know which is best.

  5. @Judy Sheldon-WalkerTime is what we don't have to be chasing for the best. Wish there is an unbiased top five list. Smiles

  6. @Krislin Neo, Ting (Syracuse Pike)There are so much information and you just need to make time to find what will work best for you. In time you will get there.

  7. Just browsing here trying to make heads or tales out of all this information. I never claimed to be smart, but I sure wish they would write a book about "Blogging for Dummies"! :( I really try, but sometimes I feel like I'm stuck in a mud-hole.


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