The Brown Room and Accents

Looking at these photos makes me want to fall into the couches and chairs to veg. I didn't get when people would come home from work (not including laborers) completely exhausted. That was because when I was younger, nothing phases me. I don't know how to feel tire. I can go all night. I can work 7 days a week, dawn to dust. You probably won't hear me complaining about being tire. 
I am different now. 

 Decorating is so much fun, but where do you store your items when they are not in use? Some of my friends change their accessories for every season, every holiday. How and where they find room for housing those items is beyond me.

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  1. I love brown! We had a "chocolate" brown bathroom accent with white ceilings, pale gray tiles, white sink along with stainless steel fixtures. We have brown chestnut garage doors, certainly a stand out with the stones on our house and it's better than the usual white, off white garage doors. Brown is warm, stylish with a modern flare. Brown is beautiful when done right. It's cozy, comfy, timeless!


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